I offer custom commissions, inviting you to be part of the creative process.  Whether you are seeking a unique piece of sculpture, a special mask, or a personalized artwork, each commission is an opportunity to create something truly unique that resonates with your personal or organizational ethos.
I have a limited time to take on commissions, and projects will be chosen based on scale and how well it will fit within my style.
My approach to commissions is collaborative and detailed. We start with a consultation to discuss your vision and preferences. Drawing from my expertise in woodcarving, illustration and 3D modeling I integrate your ideas with my artistic style to create a design that is both personal and artistically compelling. Preliminary sketches and concepts will be provided, ensuring that every detail is tailored to your satisfaction
Working in wood is a time consuming process, where unexpected things might appear during the project. I will do my best to provide you with an estimated timeline, but I do not do rush orders. You will be kept updated on the progress of your piece. 
Materials and Sustainability
Sustainability is a cornerstone of my work. I use responsibly sourced wood and environmentally friendly materials, to ensure that your commissioned piece is not only beautiful but also environmentally considerate.

For inquiries and to discuss a potential commission, Contact Me.

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